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"Welcome to my website where I invite you to indulge your passion for all things mini and decorative. I have, for the past 35 years had an interest for the unusual, the historic and the 'detail'. It fascinates me that when I touch an old 18th chair or book or cup I am touching something that was created over 200 years ago: I am touching something that someone 200 years ago made or bought. This idea sends me time travelling where I imagine what the person would have worn, what they would have looked like, how they would have spoken and why did they buy or make this item. Everything has a story to be told . If  I can combine this with a sense of the unusual then I am in heaven. My love for 18th century French architecture and interiors as well as model making and the art of "creating" has lead me to where I am now. Its a match made in heaven for me. However the 21st century has offered a new way of  creating: CAD technology, 3d printing and finally casting processes. This process is just as artistic and complicated as traditional methods it's just that we have swopped the chisel for a mouse and the firing oven for a 3d printer. The process allows for far more creativity and incredible detail to be added to the miniature piece. I cast all of my designs in a fairly traditional manner in resin, metal or plaster for you to enjoy. I do hope that you feel inspired looking through my website and maybe I can spark a passion for all things decorative, mini and detailed."



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